…is here and January is almost two thirds gone. It’s insane. Tomorrow I leave my 20s behind (well, the age, the embarrassment and growth will hopefully stick with me). Next week I leave on my honeymoon, delayed since our wedding in August. I will hopefully share some picture of me and Victoria being kids in […]

L5R Mega Campaign

Hello again! So a friend of mine is running a big L5R campaign. How big? 9 players, 2 Sessions in a single day, twice a month. I’m in the evening group with an Unicorn courtier (my wife), and two Spiders, one a courtier and another a Shugenja. I’m playing a Mantis Bounty Hunter of the […]

NaNo Approaches

NaNoWriMo 2016 is almost upon us. This year I’m writing some ridiculous Fantasy Romance with Dragons that I’ve called On Wings of Wyverns for now. It has no characters, plot, or details, yet. But I’m excited. I have a couple of people in Glasgow to keep me pumped, hopefully, and if my job hunting this week […]

A bit of real life moaning…

[whining] Nothing insightful to see here people… So I’m out of work. Again. I hope this doesn’t become a new pattern, it’s bad for my health. If nothing else I’ve consumed an insane amount of donuts over the last couple of weeks. (Morrisons’ Custard donuts will be the end of me) It took a few […]

Back-end Changes

And here comes my twice-yearly post… I noticed my domain wasn’t redirecting to my WordPress site anymore, so I finally took a few minutes to reinstall everything on my own host and set it up as I wished. This time I managed not to lose every single old post I had made. So there are […]

Another long break

Let’s not lie. This is what I do. I promise updated on my life to everyone who doesn’t read this blog, then I get caught up in crap and never do. So… new job failed nano was a very under the weather for a few months…feeling better now Wedding is going forward in August, no, […]

Back to Málaga

I was lucky to get a month’s work in Málaga right after I lost my previous job. I wasn’t happy being away from my fiancee and cat, as well as my PC, but I did get to visit a new city, and I got a lot more writing done than I originally thought I would. […]