…is here and January is almost two thirds gone. It’s insane.

Tomorrow I leave my 20s behind (well, the age, the embarrassment and growth will hopefully stick with me).

Next week I leave on my honeymoon, delayed since our wedding in August. I will hopefully share some picture of me and Victoria being kids in Orlando.

I don’t like doing goals for the year, but since it’s a big’un:

  • I’m planning on finish my first novel “On Wings of Wyverns”. I wrote a terrible mess for NaNo, but I’m keen on polishing and seeing what happens with it.
  • I’m also planning a podcast or two… a couple of friends are gonna be recording an L5R podcast covering the campaign we’re playing in as well as sharing our general L5R knowledge and the news. I am also looking to start an AP podcast, maybe along with a stream, we’ll see. More news on that as we go.
  • Be happier. Cuz fuck it.


And that’s my life. Once again nothing very interesting in this post, but I’ll hopefully be sharing my progress on my Fate world in the next couple of weeks (I built a custom character sheet! I’m pretty proud!).


Take care people~

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