A bit of real life moaning…

[whining] Nothing insightful to see here people… So I’m out of work. Again. I hope this doesn’t become a new pattern, it’s bad for my health. If nothing else I’ve consumed an insane amount of donuts over the last couple of weeks. (Morrisons’ Custard donuts will be the end of me) It took a few […]

Back-end Changes

And here comes my twice-yearly post… I noticed my domain wasn’t redirecting to my WordPress site anymore, so I finally took a few minutes to reinstall everything on my own host and set it up as I wished. This time I managed not to lose every single old post I had made. So there are […]

Another long break

Let’s not lie. This is what I do. I promise updated on my life to everyone who doesn’t read this blog, then I get caught up in crap and never do. So… new job failed nano was a very under the weather for a few months…feeling better now Wedding is going forward in August, no, […]

I broke my site…again

So I love Chyrp in concept. But it hasn’t been maintained for a little while, some of my features were disabled, I couldn’t handle the spam properly and the last straw were posts in the future. I’m planning on releasing some fiction soon, and I wanted to queue the text itself or notices about it […]