Back in Glasgow…

To be honest, I’m not sure I can do better than this. And we’re done! #UKGamesExpo We played, we bought, we fawned over stuff, and we met cool people. I think we’ll come back. Now: Glasgow! — Carlos Martin (@butterdroid) June 4, 2017 The weekend was a blur, and we loved every bit of it. […]

UK Games Expo THIS week!

So I’m still excited! We have a cat-sitter, we have booked hotel and tickets for the weekend, and we have a few slots sorted out for the Expo. I just need to make sure some of my clothes are clean and I’m ready to go. There are going to be so many people at this […]

UK Games Expo next week!

So my wife and I decided we needed to move our butts a bit more, and with the new job I can actually do stuff again. The idea is to do some more cultural activities, actually leave Glasgow once in a while. For this first trip we’re hitting Birmingham and the UK Games Expo. We’ve […]

Shiny things!

I have been so distracted the last few weeks I forgot to show off my copy of Blue Rose! This is one of the few Kickstarters I’ve backed in the last couple of years, and I’m so happy with it. If you haven’t heard of it, Blue Rose is an RPG based on the romantic […]


…is here and January is almost two thirds gone. It’s insane. Tomorrow I leave my 20s behind (well, the age, the embarrassment and growth will hopefully stick with me). Next week I leave on my honeymoon, delayed since our wedding in August. I will hopefully share some picture of me and Victoria being kids in […]

L5R Mega Campaign

Hello again! So a friend of mine is running a big L5R campaign. How big? 9 players, 2 Sessions in a single day, twice a month. I’m in the evening group with an Unicorn courtier (my wife), and two Spiders, one a courtier and another a Shugenja. I’m playing a Mantis Bounty Hunter of the […]