UK Games Expo next week!

So my wife and I decided we needed to move our butts a bit more, and with the new job I can actually do stuff again. The idea is to do some more cultural activities, actually leave Glasgow once in a while. For this first trip we’re hitting Birmingham and the UK Games Expo. We’ve been wanting to go to one of these for a long time, so it’s great getting the chance now.

We decided a bit late, so we were scrambling yesterday to make sure we booked the events we wanted (and could) attend. Highlights will likely be Dark Room and the Shut Up and Sit Down talk. But I’m mostly looking forward to playing Honey Heist by Grant Howitt. I’ll also be hopefully be hitting some of the Games on Demand slots and see if I can get some random indie stuff I’ve not had a chance to play yet. And if I’m brave I’ll join the Hey, That’s My Fish! tournament for  a good laugh.

This is gonna be so good! We’re travelling down early on the Friday morning, and I’ll see if I can be bothered recording our shenanigans over the weekend.




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