I broke my site…again

So I love Chyrp in concept. But it hasn’t been maintained for a little while, some of my features were disabled, I couldn’t handle the spam properly and the last straw were posts in the future.

I’m planning on releasing some fiction soon, and I wanted to queue the text itself or notices about it to try and organize myself.

For some reason my setup was hiding these posts from me until the date I had specified, which meant I couldn’t see a list of queued posts or edit them. They just didn’t exist.

So I tried moving to Chyrp Lite. It’s being maintained and seems more active, the base templates agreed with me. I back-upped everything and went for it…and nothing worked. I think I have some issues of compatibility with the shared server structure, which is very annoying.

I’m currently in Spain on a cheap laptop on a crappy wifi connection and simply don’t have the strength to power through it. So for now I’m just redirecting to this WordPress blog (sorry if you get any ads), which should be simple.

For now.

I just hope I didn’t completely lose all my posts, I think the database backup might have failed as well…

We will persevere!