Back to Málaga

I was lucky to get a month’s work in Málaga right after I lost my previous job.

I wasn’t happy being away from my fiancee and cat, as well as my PC, but I did get to visit a new city, and I got a lot more writing done than I originally thought I would. Work itself was stressful for reasons, but I’d rather not dwell.

The same company has asked me to come over for a week and a bit again, for another project. I’m feeling the pressure much more this time for some reason. 🙂

Leaving today, coming back on the 4th (really the 5th by the time I get home).

This time I’m planning on writing, specially because I’m still not sure whether I will have any sort of stable internet connection or not.

Blog posts are likely to continue with the same frequency. That is, none. But we’ll see.

Good hunting imaginary readers,

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