A bit of real life moaning…


Nothing insightful to see here people…

So I’m out of work. Again.

I hope this doesn’t become a new pattern, it’s bad for my health. If nothing else I’ve consumed an insane amount of donuts over the last couple of weeks. (Morrisons’ Custard donuts will be the end of me)

It took a few weeks for my job search to get rolling, but I’m finally getting to interviews this week and I’m hoping I’ll get something concrete next week. My current choices are basically terrible job / a hellish commute. And I think I’ll be taking the hellish commute if they like me (and I like them) in the interview.

This coming right after my wedding (yay!) has been a bit of a downer, but my wife (w00!) has been incredible and not let me go off the ledge.

Meanwhile I sink myself into FFXIV and some reading.


Now… whining done… what I should be doing!


Has not been happening. I have put together a couple of quick and dirty fanfics for the Young Wizards series. But nothing really interesting and nothing in any of my projects. To be fair, I don’t even have any projects anymore.

So the objective is to write daily/semidaily. And I will post it here, maybe cross-reference somewhere else. I have no idea what I’ll write about, but it’ll be nice and stupid and magical and in the end somehow disappointing for me, you the reader, or both.


I’ve been playing, and I’ve worked a little bit on my YW Fate hack. I dropped most of my Heralds of Valdemar Fate Core hack as the new Blue Rose book is coming out (I already have the preview PDF!) and I’ll be taking that for a spin soon with some friends.

I ran a one-off of Masters of Umdaar with a few people last week and it was awesome, but I always forget why I no longer play in the student union, my throat was killing me by the end and I couldn’t hear a thing. I did find out that the Apple Ale made by Drygate (right across the street from me) is delish, though.

Since I have this site running properly again. I will try to post my Fate stuff and maybe a game journal. I’m currently running a Mutants and Masterminds campaign which is fun, and I’ll be joining an L5R Megacampaign being run by a friend that has me super excited, first session in a couple of weeks! We’ll see if I have the drive for any of this.


Of course, ideally I will not be jobless for more than a couple of weeks more, so it’s possible every plan will go the way of the dodo. As always, I promise nothing.



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